Adam and the Relevants is a band that plays great British pop music. They can definitely play a tune and can keep the audience on its feet with their rowdy style of lyrics and melody. You can feel a certain level of shameless pop in their songs but you will also admire their energy when they perform on stage and even when played on music streaming devices. We did build a website for traffic dedicated to Adam and the Relevants for the fans who are constantly seeking news and articles about the band.

Table of Contents

Who we are

Adam and the Relevants hail from the city of Amsterdam. They love being on Amsterdam hop on hop off bus city trips and going on the Amsterdam holidays. Their roots really stand out in their music as you can see and hear the influence of British pop bands and British culture on their songs. Their first song that was released in 2013 really summed up their identity as a band and their individuality as band members. Because of their unique style in music, they are supported by other popular bands.

What we offer

We offer music unlike no other. If you have not heard our brand of music yet, you can shop using coupon discount online and download the whole album from Adam and the Relevants. You can hear our uniqueness in this generation of music. You can also listen and download our songs on Spotify or iTunes. We also have a string of concerts all year round.