Why do We Listen to the Same Song Over and Over Again?

If you have ever heard a song from the Adam and the Relevants, you might say that you want to put your favorite song of theirs in your iPhone or your Android device that you bought when you shop online and just listen to it over and over again. We understand why we want to go back to an Amsterdam city tour and review if our experience is really great. We want to replay everything that happened during the tour. But is it also the same as listening to music? Why do we always want to listen to our favorite songs again and again?


It represents our identity

When you pick a song that you like, it will always represent you as a person and someone who really loves music. Have you ever experienced before when you open your radio and hear a song for the first time and then this song gives a representation of who you are right now? Emotional songs that convey a heartache or a really fast-tracked song that brings joy and upbeat music. When you are feeling the same emotions, you want to get into the zone and just listen to the song over and over again for over 18 years.

Songs are made for you to listen to it over and over

musicThis is particularly true when we are talking about British pop songs. Britpop is supposed to be fun and it shows the aura and the style of music that currently exists today. It is not called modern British pop for anything. And these songs are built to be heard and played over and over. If you do not want to listen to a particular song again and again, then the producers and the creators of the song did not do their homework for the next promo album.

Songs are made to be timeless

Great songs are made to transcend time. It does not need to adapt to a particular trend or generation. Songs that are played over and over again are those that are well-loved because of the lyrics and the melody that they have. Aspiring songwriters should have this mindset when creating a song.